Saturday, May 24, 2014


Recently I checked out an app called Tophatter. It's a bidding site. It operates very simply and I thought it was cute. You can even chat with your fellow bidders. A large group of us were gathered for Urban Decay & Smashbox cosmetics. Now I'm plenty old enough to know all about buyer beware, but this was crazy. The bidding started to get out of hand & go way over retail price. So, quite a few of us spoke out & our ability to comment was abruptly silenced. The worst part is, the cosmetics they were selling weren't even current. I'm just really disgusted with the way it was handled. Any time you buy an item online, decide beforehand what your maximum bid is and find out how much the product currently sells for. I watched silently (forcibly silenced) as women paid more than retail for cosmetics that had been on clearance a year ago. Buyer beware!