Friday, September 16, 2011

Freebie Friday Continued

Do you like pistachios? My husband and daughter sure do! Win a free (yes, I said FREE) bag of pistachios!

Just head on over to Facebook, "like" their page (link is the title of this blog, just click it) and then register at the sign up link on the left. Once you sign up, you'll be eligible to win pistachios and lots of other cool prizes the more fans their "Keyboard Cat" gets, so be sure to share this freebie with friends!


Going to the movies tonight? Well then hop on over to Facebook and "like" AMC Theatres for a coupon for a FREE Icee! I love Coca-Cola Icees!

What movie are you going to go see?

Friday's Bzz!

Have you signed up with BzzAgent yet? Today's campaign is the Blender Bottle. Think about how awesome it'd be if you could premix your pancake batter! Imagine being so tired and all you have to do is just shake and pour and you'll have pancakes in no time flat!

Check out BzzAgent for more great campaigns like this one!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Log in to Bzz Agent NOW!

My mistake - all those great products I listed last week? They're available THIS week! So get on over to BzzAgent and click on the "I Want In" button to snag the Bodum glassware campaign! These glasses look really cool and can be used for cold or warm (not hot) beverages. Unlike other glasses that look like this, this one is ACTUAL glass, not plastic!

Friday, September 9, 2011

New Feature at BzzAgent

Instead of waiting around for the next campaign to begin, BzzAgent has now developed a new program called "The Daily Bzz". Each day, The Daily Bzz highlights a campaign. You can invite yourself in by telling BzzAgent why you deserve to be chosen for that particular campaign. The better you market yourself, the higher the chances are that you'll get picked.

Here's the campaigns that were this week, which I missed because I didn't get the email until today (Friday).

Monday: Bodium. These are clear, insulated drinking glasses that look super cool. I don't need them, but they look awesome and I wonder if they'd have the same problem with condensation that my current glassware does.

Tuesday: Cuisinart Smart Stick. Electric hand held blender stick. I think people use them for drinks or whatever. Now this is a campaign I am really highly upset that I missed, because this is EXACTLY the tool I need when I make spaghetti sauce. I wonder how much this thing costs in the stores...

Wednesday: Dreamlights. Looks like lightning bugs in a jar. Definitely not a necessity, but it looks pretty and who doesn't like lights in a jar? ROFLMAO

Thursday: Lawry's marinade sauces. I was lucky enough to already have been in this campaign and I can tell you, it was a good one. We received four marinade sauces, a bottle of Lawry's season salt and an grilling apron. The marinades are really tasty and the amazing part is, my entire family liked them. That doesn't usually happen, so check out the Lawry's marinades.

Friday: Blender Bottle. I'm assuming you mix powdered drinks in this? I have no idea. The bottles come in different colors and they're plastic (ick). They have a metal ball you place inside that's open metal frameworked. So it looks like it would really do the job of making sure whatever you put inside gets blended. Moms who drink powdered drink mixes, this would really come in handy and would make sure your drink is thoroughly blended. No icky powder beads at the bottom! You can also mix pancake batter in this while camping or even make the batter ahead of time the night before, stash it in the fridge & you don't have to deal with making the batter when you wake up. I really like that idea because I hate having to deal with mixing anything before I've had my coffee!

Well that's it for this week! Have a great weekend!

still waiting

I still haven't heard from BzzAgent about the Kindle campaign. I was assured by BzzAgent that yes, all agents who were involved in the TrueCare campaign would be considered for the Kindle one. I'm hoping I get chosen for the Kindle campaign, I really want to see if it's better than reading a regular book. I also want to see how it measures up to my daughter's Nook Color!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Kindle Vs. Nook

Big news today. BzzAgent opened up the Kindle e-reader campaign. I'm dying to get into this one, because I've always been a steadfast book supporter. Books survive the test of time - can you say electronic files will? Hmm...

So my darling daughter received a Nook for her 15th birthday. She absolutely loves it. I don't see why, but she does. Although it's become a bit of a hassle, since she needs a reading book for school and isn't allowed to take her precious Nook with her. Heh heh heh, score 1 for the regular, paper printed books!

I want into the BzzAgent's Kindle campaign so I can test it head to head with the Nook. I've read so many reviews about both of them and there's never a clear leader. This will be the ultimate test!

So, how about it, BzzAgent? Are you ready to help me with my quest?

ps. BzzAgent is a GREAT company where you sign up, take a few, short surveys, provide some info about yourself and your household and you're matched up with their campaigns. They're "try and tells". You try something (say, a Kindle? LOL) and then you let everyone know what you think about the product. It's called Word of Mouth advertising and finally there's a company that recognizes that we have been doing this all along! BzzAgent has allowed me to try many products that I never would have thought about trying. It's great, so why don't you sign up now? Just go to