Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Paula's Choice Resist Hyaluronic Acid Booster

I received samples from BzzAgent, where you get to try great things for free in exchange for word of mouth advertising! Lately I have been lucky enough to have been chosen for several different Paula's Choice campaigns through BzzAgent, and I have to say, what a GREAT brand! The products deliver everything they say they will. This time around, it's the Resist Hyaluronic Acid Booster. When I hear the word acid, I immediately think of exfoliation, but that isn't what's happening with this product. This acid actually plumps your fine lines and wrinkles. Paula's Choice Resist Hyaluronic Acid Booster contains a specialized mix of hyaluronic acid plus other skin-repairing ingredients that work immediately to visibly plump and smooth wrinkles. It also boosts the hydration and anti-aging benefits of any moisturizer or serum you add it to, helping to prevent moisture loss and reinforce your skin’s natural barrier function. For best results (and a healthy glow!), apply 1 – 2 times daily. I decided to directly apply it to my face and then put my moisturizer over it. This comes with an eyedropper for application, as you are supposed to mix it with your product of choice. I found that using it on it's own works wonders. First of all, it's a liquid-gel. It's clear and it's slightly thick in consistency. I simply swiped a tiny bit off the side of the dropper with my finger and applied to the area underneath my eyes and on my upper lip. It goes on with a very slick feeling, not sticky at all and it instantly absorbs right into your skin. I had absolutely no difficulties applying my moisturizer over this. I used it every morning and every night and am happy to report that yes, once again, Paula's Choice comes through on her promises. The lines on my upper lip area have greatly diminished and I have also seen noticeable improvement under my eyes. When I woke up in the morning, I did notice that my skin definitely felt much softer in the areas where I had applied the booster. This product is around $40 and sometimes you can catch it on sale. Make sure you head on over to the website at www.paulaschoice.com and sign up for emails!