Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Kindle Vs. Nook

Big news today. BzzAgent opened up the Kindle e-reader campaign. I'm dying to get into this one, because I've always been a steadfast book supporter. Books survive the test of time - can you say electronic files will? Hmm...

So my darling daughter received a Nook for her 15th birthday. She absolutely loves it. I don't see why, but she does. Although it's become a bit of a hassle, since she needs a reading book for school and isn't allowed to take her precious Nook with her. Heh heh heh, score 1 for the regular, paper printed books!

I want into the BzzAgent's Kindle campaign so I can test it head to head with the Nook. I've read so many reviews about both of them and there's never a clear leader. This will be the ultimate test!

So, how about it, BzzAgent? Are you ready to help me with my quest?

ps. BzzAgent is a GREAT company where you sign up, take a few, short surveys, provide some info about yourself and your household and you're matched up with their campaigns. They're "try and tells". You try something (say, a Kindle? LOL) and then you let everyone know what you think about the product. It's called Word of Mouth advertising and finally there's a company that recognizes that we have been doing this all along! BzzAgent has allowed me to try many products that I never would have thought about trying. It's great, so why don't you sign up now? Just go to

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