Tuesday, April 9, 2013

In the Meantime...

I haven't received a campaign for BzzAgent in AGES!  I keep current on my surveys, like their posts on Facebook, tweet about my score (which still remains high) and I still don't receive any invites.  :(

However, Allure Magazine asked me to review L'Oreal's Revitalift skincare line.  So I was happy to do so.  It was an 8 week test.  I received the eye cream, face cream and face serum.  I was instructed to use the serum, then the eye cream, then the face cream every morning and night.

Uh...seriously?  Why do I need all three of these products every morning and night?  After 8 weeks of using the three products together faithfully every day and night I came to the conclusion that um, because you do if you want to have nice skin.

Face serum is lightweight and you only need a little bit.  This stuff will exfoliate your skin (if you put too much on, it becomes gummy & you can actually rub it off and it comes off in little bits, which I found interesting).  Ok.  So the serum exfoliates your skin, leaving your skin looking brighter, of course, but it also leaves your dark spots (ew how I hate them) looking lighter.  So put on the face serum and move on to the

Eye cream.  It has a metal slanted tip applicator.  I thought this was just L'Oreal being weird and trying to stand out, but found that the coolness of the metal tip felt really, really good on my undereye area.  Even when I stood shivering at the sink in the winter, that metal tip under my eyes felt really good.  This eye cream will eliminate any signs of puffiness.  And I do mean ANY.  I don't have puffiness underneath my eyes, so I thought well, this eye cream isn't going to help me any.  Until I had a day where I'd spent a good time crying. When I cry, my upper lids puff up to gigantor proportions.  Thought it couldn't hurt to try the eye cream on my lids, so I did so before bedtime, just knowing that I'd wake up with puffy lids anyway.

I didn't.  I absolutely didn't.  My eyelids weren't puffy at all.  So this little tube is worth having around, definitely.  Under my eyes it didn't help with the wrinkles I have and they're not all that bad so I thought this would help.

Finally, the face cream - moisturizer.  It's a nice, thick cream that really moisturizes well.  It does help make your skin feel firmer.

Bottom line is, I really liked these three products a lot.  They're around $20 each, so to buy all three is $60.  I'm not really willing to spend $60.  I will, however, invest in the face serum!

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