Thursday, January 19, 2012


I've been noticing BzzAgent, as well as another survey site, haven't been offering me campaigns or products to survey. :(

BzzAgent offered me the opportunity to be in a campaign to track my children's online activities and the invite stated that only those who participated in this campaign would be invited into the Kindle campaign.

KINDLE! Oh yeah you bet I was in. So I signed up, had some major problems with the company, relayed all this to BzzAgent, they were supportive and sympathetic, I continued to plug along with the campaign, continued to Bzz my little stinger off and yet...I was NOT invited into the Kindle campaign.

When I emailed BzzAgent about not being invited, I was told that the current invite was an early invitation, but those who had participated in the internet safety campaign would be invited "soon".

That was months ago and the Kindle campaign is done and over.

I'm disappointed with BzzAgent! Have you noticed you haven't been receiving as many campaigns or products to try? Not as many free sample opportunities as there used to be?

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  1. Hi! This is Jono from BzzAgent! Just saw this and wanted to make sure we answer any question about this post.

    This gist is this. Agents who joined the Campaign had the chance to get chosen for a Kindle based on the amount AND how well they created Bzz.

    Hope this helps. What's your Agent username and we can investigate more.