Friday, November 2, 2012

Burts Bees Intense Hydration Continues!

It's Friday, 11/2. Here's my update on Burt's Bees Intense Hydration facial cleanser, night cream and mask! I've used the Intense Hydration Treatment Mask twice now. It has a thinner consistency than the night cream. You apply a thick amount on your cleansed face and wait 5-10 minutes, then wipe off with a cloth or tissue. You rub any remainder into your skin. Wow! It's so skin softening that it's just amazing. I love it. The scent is mild, at least to me. I still can't get over the super strong scent of the facial cleanser, but it does such a nice job that I'm overlooking it. It's creamy and it really gets my face clean without stripping it. The night cream is magic in a jar. I wish it was in a tube though since a jar isn't the best option for a treatment cream. I love the way this night cream feels on my skin. I haven't tried the day lotion yet because it's November and the weather has turned cold here. Once it hits spring, I'm definitely going to buy the day lotion. How much do I love these products from Burt's Bees? Enough that I was wishing they had an Intense Hydration line for my body. I thought about buying a jar of the night cream and using that, that's how much I love this line. Then I visited Burt's Bees' website and found that they have a travel size of the cream cleanser and of the day lotion - each only $2. What a GREAT way to try these products! Head on over to to snag these so you can try before you buy! Sometimes Target carries the travel sizes, so the next time you're there, check it out. The website prices for the full size products are a little bit higher than those I've seen in the store, just a little head's up there. While I was at the website, I discovered that there's a new line of body lotion and hand cream for extremely dry skin called "Ultimate Care". I'm going to be looking for that at the store! I love the way these products feel on my skin. The only wish I have is that I wish the facial cream had some sort of treatment. I'm an Olay Total Effects girl and I like that the Total Effects cream helps with a number of concerns. Unfortunately, the Burts Bees line only moisturizes. But oh, what a wonderful experience that is!

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